My name is Allyson Howell (formerly Todd). Currently, I am in transition and cover the Atlanta area. I am here with my husband, Randy and my pup, Tucker.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve loved beauty and love sharing that beauty. Creating beautiful things, whether it be in my home, words, or photographs, is one of my greatest joys. I guess I would call myself an artist, but only a fractured copy of the Original Artist.

This Original Artist, the God of the Universe, knew me before He created me, and to Him, I owe all.

On this site, you can find my photography and writing. I primarily focus on engagements, family photos, portraits and lifestyle sessions. As for my words, you can find most of my previous publications at For The Church, and other works can be found across the internet, but you can occasionally find poems and other musings on this site.

Whether photographs that tell the story of your life, or words that encourage your heart, I want to serve you through my work. It is here on this site that I strive to share beautiful things.

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