Micro Poem Monday: Rain

In the moment before rain writes its story on the pavement — Tension, tight with yearning in the air Like a friend with a secret to share. A breeze, a breath, Colder than before, yet somehow warm. And then — release. Tears of truth wet the ground beneath.

Micro Poem Monday: Standing

X marks the spot Where we stand Apart. Our hearts drowned with grief Yearning for buried treasure, For arms crisscrossed around bodies, Not to suffocate But to grant a sigh of relief. We long to feel it But for now we stand.

Micro Poem Monday: Anointing

His body, soon to be broken My jar, broken for that day When he pours out His blood for me So I pour out this fragrance for Him Preparing Him for Death While He prepares me for Life Based on Mark 14:3-9

Micro-Poem Monday: A Prayer for Kanye

The belly of the bird isn't full of seeds The rays of the sun haven't shriveled the roots The grip of the sharp thorn hasn't stopped his breath Not yet God continue your great deeds God bring forth bountiful fruits God keep your servant from death Jesus be King (Matthew 13:3-23)