Catch your breath

on the wind —

Let heaven fill your lungs

with hope —

not fear.

And form your lips

to the shape of praise —

Broken and bleeding,

torn by the air

but still singing.

Poem written 4/12/20 & Photo taken 6/14/22

Micro Poem Monday: Rain

In the moment before rain writes

its story on the pavement

Tension, tight with yearning in the


Like a friend with a secret to


A breeze, a breath,

Colder than before, yet somehow warm.

And then — release.

Tears of truth wet the ground


Micro Poem Monday: Chasing Feelings

Behold your apathy

Your jealousy

Your anxiety

Stare deep and you will find

A twinkle of truth in their eyes

Look too long and you will become what you behold

But chase them into the rabbit hole

You will find them seated

At the Throne

Ready to tell the real story

Of what you fear most

The King created them

To magnify our longing

So we can turn

And magnify Him