A Palm Sunday Poem

Even the weeds are lovely if you stop and take a knee Look close to see Understand Not a nuisance Not a bore But a semblance Of before A tiny courier of spring A song of accolades They sing A crown befitting of The King


Catch your breath on the wind — Let heaven fill your lungs with hope — not fear. And form your lips to the shape of praise — Broken and bleeding, torn by the air but still singing. Poem written 4/12/20 & Photo taken 6/14/22

Micro Poem Monday: Rain

In the moment before rain writes its story on the pavement — Tension, tight with yearning in the air Like a friend with a secret to share. A breeze, a breath, Colder than before, yet somehow warm. And then — release. Tears of truth wet the ground beneath.

Micro Poem Monday: Standing

X marks the spot Where we stand Apart. Our hearts drowned with grief Yearning for buried treasure, For arms crisscrossed around bodies, Not to suffocate But to grant a sigh of relief. We long to feel it But for now we stand.