The Woman Suffering

Night is the only time shame is shadowed.
Daylight shines and reveals blood.
I feel like the Nile – a curse upon me for my sin.
The blood will never stop. I’m sure of it.
Twelve years I’ve prayed it would stop.
No priest, no prophet, no doctor – no man can stop my blood.
Blood and shame forever flow.
I’ve shed all this blood and still.
No forgiveness.

There’s a man on his way to town.
I heard he breaks the law and touches the unclean.
He is no doctor, but people say he heals disease.
I think he’s the one. Today, I’ll try to see him.

The town bustles.
I know Jesus of Nazareth is here.
Oh I see him! He walks down the street with Jarius.
They’re moving quickly – it hurts, my pain is growing.
But I must try, I have nothing to lose.

Jesus is in a hurry.
I shouldn’t interrupt.
The crowd is tight.
I can’t see him.
His clothes!

“Who touched my clothes?”

I know he knows.

No blood.
No shame.
“It was me.”




Based on Mark 5:25-34

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