Good Friday – A Day to Dwell

I’m always tempted to jump through the hoop of Good Friday so I can get to Sunday.

Yes, Sunday is coming. Yes, Jesus resurrected. But the resurrection is only meaningful if Christ’s death was purposeful.

I don’t want to forget about the blood. I don’t want to forget about the pierced forehead or the shredded back or the holes in the body of Jesus. If I forget about this part of the gospel story, then I forget my sin has brutal consequences.

Don’t forget that Easter was a three-day process.

This day is about suffering and death. We deserve an eternal portion of what Jesus received on that Friday 2,000 years ago. No one made Jesus go to the cross. You can’t force the God who created everything to do anything. Jesus chose to suffer. Jesus let his body break and his blood spill for you.

Today, dwell on the blood of the lamb, slaughtered for our sake.

It will make Sunday sweeter.

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